Scrap Like a SugarBabe: Nikki Epperson

I don’t really remember a time when Nikki wasn’t a member at Sweet Shoppe.  We’ve been around for her whole scrapping journey, and let me tell you, she is one amazing scrapper!

About Nikki

Hi!  Nikki E here to tell you a little about myself and my creative process.  I’ve been married for almost 10 years and we have 3 kids.  Mine, his, and ours are Lane (16), Destiny (12), and Colton (8).  Right now, I stay home and play on Pinterest, errr, take care of the house.  I would absolutely never waste my day away browsing forums, Facebook, and scrapping!!!  I babysit 2 more kiddos daily and that usually keeps me pretty busy!  I’ve been actively scrapping since 2008 and it’s definitely something I have a great passion for.  I love recording our lives like this and I love the friends I’ve made through scrapping!

My Claim to Fame

I think my style has grown so much over the past year.  I have finally found “me” as a scrapper.  I think I can definitely call my claim to fame “embrace the mess”.  I love adding more and more to my pages lately.  I love patterned papers.  I seriously try to use every pattern in a kit, if possible!

I thought I’d take you on a scrapping adventure with me, lol and show you just how I have learned to embrace my mess and make it me!

I started with getting all my papers where I thought I wanted them.

I started adding ellies and then decided that my papers needed to be spread out just a bit more.

Time to add in some foliage!!!

Time to pile on some more ellies!

and more ellies  :)

I think it’s time for a title!

That really makes me smile, but I still feel like something is missing!  I think it’s time to break out Krystal’s Stamp Stash 4.

And I think I’m finished.

But wait.  I have no stitching and that makes me sad.  I had to grab some stitching from Traci and Erica!

Finally, I need to add a touch of journaling.

And a few more flowers.  Let’s face it, you can never have too many flowers!!!!

and I’m finished!  :)

I hope you enjoyed a look into my chaos, and I hope I’ve inspired you some to embrace your mess!

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