Hybrid Snow Globe

Hi, everyone! It’s Rebecca, with another Hybrid Tutorial for all of y’all!!

It is winter in my neck of the woods… and I’m not a big fan of snow, but I do love snow globes .. probably because the “snow” is contained inside so I get the ooohhh and awww at the beauty of snow without having to shovel it… haha. And this type of snow globe is liquid free… so don’t have to worry about little ones looking at it.


So, lets get started with with tutorial.


  • Digital products of your choice (I used Frostbitten – For Him by Traci Reed and Meghan Mullens, Sweet Shoppe Designs)
  • Gift Box with cover
  • Large Clear Plastic Ornament
  • Transparency Film
  • Glitter
  • Fake Snow
  • Adhesive (I used Tacky Glue and tape runner)
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Ornament template – you can download here.

Step by Step Directions

1. Use a ruler to measure all the sides of your gift box.
2. Draw out your measurements in your photo editing software using the Rectangle Tool.
3. For the element that will be in the snow globe, use the template to correctly size out the element.  I recommend to keep the element/cluster simple… you will be “flipping” so that it’s mirror image is behind and also it will be easier to trim out.
4. Open up a new workspace and flip horizontally the element and drag it back onto the workplace with the other sides.
5.  After you have decorated all the sides of the box pieces, print onto double sized matte presentation paper or card stock.
6. Cut out all the pieces.
7. Adhere the pieces to your box using your favorite adhesive.
8. For the cover, cut slits into one of the corners all the way around… this will make clean corners as you fold the paper around the box’s lid.
9.  You could leave as is, or you could trim the excess paper around the edges… since I’m not giving as a gift, I’m going to leave the extra paper on.
10.  The box is now completed covered… so cute!  Now we move to the snow globe part…
11. Cut an “x” into the box with a craft knife. You could measure the ornament and make precise cut… however, I like to wing it… 😉
12.  Keep cutting around until you have enough space to insert the top of the ornament into… make sure that it’s a snug fit.
13. Remove the silver hanger of the ornament and insert the bulb into the top of the box.
14. Using the ornament template (download found in the supply list), cut out the shape out of transparency film.
15.  Adhere the element onto the transparency piece.  I usually use adhesive sheets that you can find at craft stores… but I’m out, so I turned to tacky glue. I apply it with a q-tip making sure not to get too much glue around the edges or it smears on the transparency.
NOTE – please make sure you glue the element on with the “pointy” part of the transparency piece facing down.
16. Once you have glued one on one side, turn the transparency over and glue the other one on, matching up so it looks like it has been printed on both sides. Let dry.
17.  Carefully roll the transparency piece, with the pointed part facing down.
18. Insert into the bulb, being careful the pointed part does not disappear all the way into the bulb.
19. Using a pen, try to smooth out the transparency in the blub.
20. Using scrap paper, create a funnel to start pouring in the glitter and fake snow.
21. Note on the fake snow… a little goes a long way… and it can create a mess… haha.
22.  I love playing with glitter… to me, that is what makes it look like there is water in the globe…
23. Place the ornament topper back onto the ornament. Note, if you are going to be using the box as a gift box, I would glue this topper on… some of the glitter will fall out if shaken too much.
And here is the finished product… *sigh* how cute is that?
For the last two years, I have created ornaments for my son’s church teachers… I do the same process as I did for the snow globe above, but the pointy side of the transparency is pointing up…
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you are inspired to give it a try… I would love to see the results!!
Rebecca aka mamabeescrapping

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