DIY Washi Tape

One of the things I use a lot on my art journaling pages and also on my Project Life and December Daily pages is washi tape. Now that I’m dabbling in hybrid layouts a bit more with doing hybrid art journaling pages, and doing a hybrid version of something similar to Project Life, I’ve become rather addicted to washi tape and my stash has gotten crazy. A sweet friend showed me that I could easily match tapes to my layouts by making my own washi tape instead of buying a whole new roll at the store that sorta matches. I found out it was EASY and couldn’t wait to share it with you all!!! So today, I’m going to share with you, how easy it really is to make your own washi tape.

Supplies used:

-digital papers to match your project:
(I used Studio Basic Designs’ Go Plaid, Polka, and Stripes {collection})

-Avery clear sticker project paper
(you can also use Avery clear labels, but fyi they won’t match up to the template below)

-printer, paper trimmer, and scissors

-washi tape template – DOWNLOAD HERE 

 Step 1.

You will need a software program that can open a .psd file and works in layers, like PSCS, PSE or PSP. Open up the .psd file provided above. You will see 8 layers of 1×10″ strips.

Step 2.

Clip the papers you want to use to the layers in the template

Step 3.

Print according to your printer’s instructions, I recommend using the highest quality settings for printing.

NOTE: you don’t have to use the template, btw… I just made it for myself and thought I’d let you have it too… if you want lots of washi tape made from one of your favorite papers, you could totally print a whole sheet of digi paper on the clear sticker paper… I did that with a favorite woodgrain paper that I’ve been using over and over again in my December Daily album… so it’s fun to have the little touches of matching woodgrain on the pages that don’t have the woodgrain paper anywhere on the page…

Step 4.

Cut the strips. They might be a bit wide for smaller projects like my project shown below, so I eventually split the strip I was using in 1/2 lengthwise to make them narrower.

Step 5.

Cut up your pieces of tape/sticker to the size you want and adhere to your project.


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  • Wow great idea Heather! I’ll be getting some of that clear sticker paper this weekend!

  • great tips! I haven’t quite gotten into washi tape (although I do have some in my stash), but this will make it much more versatile for me to experiment with. thanks.

  • this is awesome, thank you for sharing!

  • Great tutorial. Thanks

  • Thanks so much for this tutorial. Does the Avery paper you mentioned have the same feel & look of washi, or is there a difference in texture / transparency? I love the soft, papery, transparent nature of washi, so I want to be sure the Avery paper is going to do the trick. Thanks and God bless! 😉

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