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About Lizzy

I live on the south east cost of Ireland, with my husband of 8 years and our two beautiful children, aged 6 and 4. We live just minutes from the beach, but our cold weather prevents us from ever getting to spend a day there, much to the kids dismay (but I’m ok with that, as I hate sand!). I started digital scrapbooking after my youngest was born, as a way to document their early years, and they love looking at their scrapbooks as much as I love creating them!

My Claim To Fame

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that I actually have a claim to fame! If you look through my gallery, you’ll see that about 85% of my pages are created with templates. But I do feel I work well with templates, and can do a pretty good job of adapting them to suit the photos I want to scrap, or a kit that I want to use. In terms of styles, I’ve tried out many different styles of scrapping, but am definitely most comfortable scrapping with lots of different papers, especially patterns, different shapes and clusters of elements. I tend to scrap lots of everyday moments, so end up with a huge number of photos that I want to scrap, and so I find that templates help me to do this quickly. A lot of the time, I’ll use the template as it is, maybe make several small changes to suit my photos or the kit. But other times, I want to make more noticeable changes – maybe shrink it a lot, or enlarge the photo spots, flip it or rotate it, or embellish a lot more than it is. Here are a few examples of templates that I changed up.

This one uses Lynnette’s Fav-O-Rites 2013 template. I used Shawna’s 20 Questions, and wanted to use the questionnaire strip from the kit, so I removed all of the paper blocks on the right and replaced them with this. I then added some binder rings to make it look like a binder:

This one was made with Cindy’s Builders 2: 6×12. The kit (Penny and Mari’s Nutty Family) really called for two seperate sides of the page to showcase the “he said, she said” cards, so I combined two templates from this set to create this page:

This one was created with Janet’s Collection 107, which is a pretty clean design, so I added the flags at the top of the page, and some element clusters to compliment the photos:

I created this page with Cindy’s Half Pack 62. I had used this template already in its original form, but I really liked the template, so I wanted to use it again. For this page, I rotated it and shrunk it up:

I did this page using Darcy’s template from her 100 Days of Summer collection with Meg. I kept the same basic design, added more paper layers, as well as lots more elements:

This one was created with one of Cindy’s photo focus templates (Half Pack 53), but the photos I wanted to scrap weren’t good enough quality to use in such large photo spots. So I shrunk it down to fit my photos, and added some extra paper layers on the right hand side to fill up the empty space. I also replaced the journal spots with paper blocks (since they were now too small once I shrunk the template, to use for journaling). I was then able to add my title on the right where I had added extra papers, and put my journaling below the whole cluster, on the background paper:

So that’s it! That’s how I use templates, and change them up to suit photos or kits when I need to, or to reuse a template with a different look. I hope this helps to inspire some of you to do the same.


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  • Omg – I live in the south east of ireland next to the beach too – I didn’t think there was anyone here digi scrapping or paper scrapping! I’ve only been here a few months. I tried to find you on fb and failed maybe you could find me? I love your blog and your layouts are absolutely gorgeous :)

  • Your layouts are beautiful!

  • Oh wow….Firstly, I’m so chuffed to see one of my fellow country women on this site! Tú sarmhaith!!! (That’s ‘You’re brilliant!’ in Irish! – Had to ask my 13year old daughter for that translation lol!!!)
    And secondly, I just LOOOVE your templates – you made the simplest every day stories just magical…
    Keep up the fab work xxx

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