Using the Pen Tool to Create Unique Ephemera & Photo Overlays

Extractions are a great way to create unique ephemera and photo overlays for your layouts. I think it’s really fun to scan or photograph objects + papers I love and then include them in my scrapbook pages. The Pen Tool in Photoshop is my favorite way to make extractions. Once I have my object selected, I can just delete the background and save the image as a png. Today’s tutorial covers the Pen Tool basics–I hope you find it useful, especially for your art journal and vacation pages!



Yep-a-Doodle Brushes – Girl by Darcy Baldwin and Brook Magee

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  • The best tutorial I’ve ever seen re the pen tool! Clear, easy to understand, un-fussy, un-geeky, and right to the point as to which does what, and how.

    I’ve tried various YouTube tutorials (mostly men doing these) and they get so technical that one totally gives up. I just needed to know WHICH of the pen tool buttons to press so that I can outline images without that white triangle showing, and how to make it curve.

    Thank you so much for clear instructions which I can see at a glance.

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