Lightroom Basics and How to Edit Multiple Photos at Once

Hey everyone, Trish here, and today I’m going to do a quick breakdown of Lightroom and then how to edit multiple photos all at one time.

In this first video I give you a quick breakdown of the different functions and sections of Lightroom (I use Lightroom 2, in case you were wondering). I also go over, briefly, how to save a preset which is the equivalent of an action in Photoshop. None of this goes really in-depth on the sections as it is more just to give you an idea of what each part does. If you’d like a more in-depth coverage of an area – or how to do something – just comment and let me know.

In this second video I go over how to quickly edit and save multiple photos in Lightroom using presets.

I hope this helps you some in your use of Lightroom, and like I mentioned above, just let me know if there’s something in the program you want to know more about.

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