Hot 4 Hybrid Wednesday – Birthday Edition!

Good morning Sweet Shoppers!! Col here with another edition of Hot4Hybrid Wednesday. Since saturday is my birthday, I thought I would bring you some hybrid birthday inspiration.

I think a lot of the time, people make things harder than they need to be. They overthink it, they try to do too much. Then they get intimidated and throw in the towel before they even try! Every so often in the forum you’ll see a “I need to make a birthday invitation, show me some inspiration” sort of thread. Invites are super easy to make if you just keep it simple. You need the who or the why (who the party is for, or why you’re having a party), the where, the when, and some rsvp information. That’s it! Check out the super simple, yet elegant, birthday invite I whipped up to show you guys.

I used MandaBean and Melissa Bennett’s new kit, Love Actually. Notice that it’s not a birthday themed kit, yet I made a birthday invitation. I was drawn to that fantastic red damask paper! ::swoon:: There were a TON of elements I could’ve pulled from to use, but I wanted to keep it SIMPLE so I stuck to just that pretty paper, and a bracket shape. When I set out to make anything hybrid, I always start in photoshop with a file in the size I want my final product. In my photoshop file I used one of the red flowers as well, but for the final version I went with a real (paper) flower instead.

I printed everything out at home, but I’ve got a trick for you. I made my invitation 5×7 overall, with 2  – .25″ mats around the center. That makes the white center panel 4×6. Even easier than cutting out pieces like I did? Shadow your elements, and then flatten the center panel and have it printed at your favorite place (Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, etc). OR you could even flatten the whole entire thing and have 5×7’s printed. I recently got some 5×7 prints from Walgreen’s for just $0.99. Not too shabby a price , especially if you’re only inviting a select few people.

So now you’re thinking, “Hmmmm….wouldn’t it be nice to have some treats that would match the invitation. My friends would be SO impressed!” You’re right, they would be! I didn’t go ahead and make some treat toppers or things to to match, but the designers have some great options that are already in the shop.

You could fill these lil guys with some candies:

You could fill these with little gifts:

Or you could put stuff in bags, then dress up the bags with these:

Dani even did all the hard work for you with this product!

See how many options there are out there?!?! It gets me all excited just thinking of the possibilities! I hope you enjoyed this post and got all sorts of birthday inspiration for your future parties. You can do it! Just keep it simple 🙂 And if you do give some of these a try, be sure to swing by and let us know all about it!!

Til next time.


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