Love . . . Hybrid Edition!

Look no further than this post by Rebecca for some amazing hybrid inspiration–perfect for everyone you love

Awww . . . In just a few short weeks it will be THAT day . . . the day that my hubby calls a Hallmark Holiday. It’s a day of love . . . it’s Valentine’s Day! It is one of my favorite holidays for which to create hybrid items. There are so many aspects of this holiday for which we can craft . . . from valentines for our kiddo’s classes, to home decor for the holiday, to little books and cards for our family and friends. I have searched our own galleries here at Sweet Shoppe Designs to bring you a TON of ideas!! Let’s get started!

Kiddo’s Valentines

Many of us with school children are thinking about what to do this year for their valentines. Do we go to the store and get pre-made valentines, or do we do something original and out of the box? And, what special valentine are we going to give our kiddo?

  1. Valentine Holder by MamaBee
  2. Isaac’s Valentine Coupons by HeatherGW
  3. I Chews You by Sigmakap95
  4. Love Monkey Valentine Goodies by livelys
  5. Tweetheart Mailbox by Inskidahv
  6. Sweets for the Sweets by Joana1
Packaged Gifts for Teachers and Others
Then there are those packages of chocolates, cookies, and other little tokens that we give to teachers and others. How are you going to package them?
Fun Gifts and Games
Then there are those that we want to have a bit more fun with. Do we just get them flowers or something more from the heart?
  1. Valentine Bingo by kscwgirl
  2. Test Tube Candies by Joana1
  3. Spin the Bottle by MamaBee
  4. Love Letters by Jacinda
  5. Candy Box by MamaBee
  6. Be Mine Heart Basket by JuliFish
And, for those to whom you just want to say “I love you” via mail . . . should you spend up to $6 on a card or make something yourself?
  1. Be Mine by JenTapler
  2. Frog Card by Ladyb
  3. PS I love You by Andrea Gourley
  4. Valentine Card by Joana1
  5. I love you Card by HeatherGW
  6. I love you more than Chocolate by livelys
Home Decor
 The house looks empty with all the holiday decor down. What can I do to give it a bit of festive flair?
  1. Marriage Gift, part 2 by Adrianka
  2. Candle Holder Mosaic by Woofpurrpurr
  3. Shadowbox Flowers by Tettletop20
  4. Mini Banner by MamaBee
  5. Love wall art by MummytoThree
  6. Countdown to Valentine’s Day  by MamaBee
Store Items

However, I hear a few of you telling me that you just don’t have the time to create something, or you are all thumbs when it comes to scissors and glue. Well, Sweet Shoppe Designs has a number of fabulous printables and craft projects that are so easy to print and put together!

  1. 10 Things I Love About You Mini PhotoBook by Nettio Designs
  2. DIY Printable Template: Heart Bag by Heather Roselli
  3. DIY Printable Template: Heart Box by Heather Roselli
  4. DIY Printable Template: Heart Pouch by Heather Roselli
  5. DIY Printable Template: Mailbox Cover by Heather Roselli
  6. DIY Printable: Folded Heart by Heather Roselli
  7. DIY Printable: LOVE Album by Heather Roselli
  8. DIY Printable: Mailbox by Heather Roselli
  9. Eww! Valentines by Shawna Clingerman
  10. Heartbreaker Valentines by Shawna Clingerman
  11. I Like the Way You Rock Valentines by Shawna Clingerman
  12. J’adore Goodies by Kristin Cronin-Barrow
  13. Love Coupon Book by Studio Basic and Rebecca Kuchenbecker
  14. Love Monkey Valentines by Heather Roselli and Sara Lively
  15. Love, Love, Kiss, Kiss Album by Studio Basic and Pink Reptile Designs
  16. Masked Marvels Lollipops by Julie Billingsley
  17. Sticky Learnings: Heart Match by Heather Roselli and Rebecca Kuchenbecker
  18. Sticky Learnings: Love Letter Stick Puzzle by Heather Roselli and Rebecca Kuchenbecker
  19. Sticky Learnings: You Have Mail by Heather Roselli and Rebecca Kuchenbecker
  20. The Look Book by Traci Reed

Phew!!! Did you find something that inspires you to create for Valentine’s Day? I sure hope so! And, I would love to see it, so please load it up in the Sweet Shoppe Hybrid Gallery!

Happy Crafting!

Rebecca aka MamaBee


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